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It’s not just about bibs and gigs.. It’s about the excitement when I discover a new band, or when I realise that one of my favourites is coming to play not far from where I live. It’s about the moment that either a big breasted waitress or my grandma are putting a cooked-with-love meal in front of my face. It’s also about travelling, family & friends, good times and all those simple things in life that we tend to forget sometimes, but that are always there, ready to be lived and enjoyed.

FYI: I’m based in London (UK) and I normally post stuff on my blog once a month… I hope you like it. If you don’t you’re either on a diet or pissed off about something. If that is the case I suggest you try again in a couple of days, or when your battle with the scales is finally over.

If you want to see more pictures you can follow the Bibs & Gigs Instagram account.

GET IN TOUCH: filippo.arecco@gmail.com

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