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Lemmy, David, Ennio & Leonardo

Good morning my dear followers. How many of you out there? 8? 4? Just me? Well it doesn’t really matter does it?

I’ve been pretty busy eating like a Sumo Wrestler during Xmas, then I went to Brugge in Belgium for a weekend and to Thailand for 10 days. When back in the UK I’ve played quite a lot of gigs with my band AOT and, last but not least, I’ve lost my job, which sucks big sweaty bollocks on one side of things but on the other it gives me some free time to write some nonsense here on B&G.

Gnocchi Making Team 2015: Nonna, me, Namiko

Even if this lovely picture above just made you craving for some gnocchi I regret to inform you that this post won’t be about food. It will be about music and, for the first time on Bibs & Gigs, it will be about cinema.

Let’s start with two big L-E-G-E-N-D-S that unfortunately left us recently: Lemmy Kilmister and David Bowie. So many things have been said about the death of these revolutionary motherfuckers, so many tears, so many pissed off people, so many fake fans that just used it as an excuse for posting something on Facebook or Twitter, so many touching tributes, like the Arcade Fire parade in New Orleans for example (Watch it. It’s great!)…

Without being repetitive or quoting something that someone probably said already… I just want to say THANK YOU!

Thanks Lemmy for being such a badass and for always playing LOUD and distorted music! I’ll never forget the Motörhead gig at Download Festival in 2010! The energy, the volumes, the what-you-see-is-what-you-get attitude. Unbelievable! It was raining like judgement day could have arrived from a moment to another but ZERO fucks were given. Not by Lemmy, not by the thousands of Rockers/Metal-Heads/Punks watching the show!


And Thanks David, Brixton boy. For some silly reasons I was expecting you to be on the Pyramid Stage at Glastonbury this year. The number of bands you’ve inspired is countless and what you’ve given to music in almost 50 years of career can’t even be measured. Your departure to Valhalla land left a huge empty space down here that won’t certainly be filled by people like Adele. You’re still in time to work some tricks and take her up there with you but I won’t blame you if you decide not to do so.



It’s now time to talk a little bit about cinema…

As we all know last night it was that time of the year where Leonardo Di Caprio is trying to win an Oscar. Since 1994! After six nominations and a bag full of frustrating moments he finally managed to succeed thanks to his great performance in The Revenant. Personally I’ve preferred him as Jordan Belfort (The Wolf of Wall Street), but I’ll have to say he was outstanding also in his latest movie.

What really made me proud last night was another statue won by Ennio Morricone. His music for Tarantino’s new movie The Hateful Eight is simply magic. But that’s not something that surprises me considering what Ennio did throughout the years in terms of soundtracks/songs that will literally make you cry like a little kid. See below…

In these occasions I’m so happy to be Italian – We’re such a little boot shaped area but, even if we lack on some aspects (like politics for example), we always managed to influence a lot of people around the globe with our passion, with our culture and (especially) with our food.

And now the I’m-going-to-a-gig bit: All Them Witches are playing on Wednesday at The Lexington…Can’t effing wait to finally see them live!

Until next time Ladies & Gentlemen – And please don’t worry… I’ll be mainly focusing on edible stuff next time.

B&G Abroad #3: The Big Easy, Austin TX, The Big Apple (again)

Oh well oh well oh well… It has certainly been a while Ladies & Germs! Sorry about the long wait but lately I’ve been whirling around like a spinning top (as we say where I come from) and super busy with my band Arrows of Time! Now I finally have some time to type random stuff so let me tell you a couple of stories about places, food, music, boobies, terrible hangovers and mud…

Second Line in Treme – New Orleans

I’ve been to NOLA with my girlfriend Lucy and what an incredible part of the planet that is..

The music, the people, the “heart-attack-friendly” food, the history, the architecture.. Everything was top notch from the very first moment we arrived, when our transfer bus from Louis Armstrong airport ended up in a ‘Second Line’ Parade for the funeral of “Trumpet Black” Travis Hill (we obviously jumped out and joined it) until the last day spent with an incredible Couchsurfer host called Tim.

Mr Porch
The porch & the swing – NOLA

As usual I won’t tell you what happened day by day, second by second, but I’ll list a top 3 with some nice pics you can look at.. I also get bored when there’s too much to read and no pictures so here we go:

  • Second Line Parade, which is a pretty cool way that people from the Big Easy use to celebrate good or bad things. On this occasion it was the funeral of 28 year old Travis Hill, died while touring with his band in Japan. People were literally crying meanwhile playing instruments on the street and it all ended up in Treme at Travis’s grandma’s house. Words just can’t explain…
Second Line - Travis Hill
RIP Travis Hill
  • Hot 8 Brass Band at The Howlin’ Wolf: Oh man… These guys can surely give you some Sexual Healing!



  • THE FOOD! Which is what this blog is all about… I mean, look at those pictures!!
Buffa's 1
Buffa’s – Shrimp Creole Omelet
Buffa's 2
Buffa’s – Gator Balls
Sammich 1
Duck debris fries @ The Sammich

Sammich 3

Sammich 2
Fried oysters, bacon, brie cheese and meunière sauce Sammich
There’s a lot of crawfish in this picture in case you’ve missed it..
Crawfish 3
A LOT of Crawfish!

Everyone knows that a trip to the USA it’s not a proper one until you hit the road and even if the weather forecast was suggesting to STAY AT HOME we decided to stop listening to the experts, rented a shitty car and we drove to Austin.

Jesus, Joseph and Mary! These paranoid American weather experts were Goddamned right! What a disaster!! Rain and wind and huge splashes from huge trucks and traffic jams and rain and thunderstorms and wind! Thankfully, we found the legendary Billy’s Boudin balls on our way there and, after stuffing our faces with their succulent deep fried products, what in reality was the arrival of the Four Knights of the Apocalypse seemed to us like a little bit of rain.

Billy's 1

Billy's 2
Billy’s Boudin Balls..

I’m glad we went to Austin, even if just for one day; it’s a vibrant and lively city, with a lot of cool bars, all sort of food trucks, young people and a brilliant music scene. It’s pretty damn hot over there but, even if it’s Texas, life is pretty slow and everyone seems to enjoy whatever things they’re doing. Plus there’s the big fella Colorado River cutting right through the middle of it and there’s no hard day at work that a canoe ride (and a couple of good local beers) can’t beat.


  • Vapors of Morphine at The Continental club: Mark Sandman’s tragic death on stage in Rome back in 1999 brought years and years of radio silence from the Low Rock trio.. Now the two surviving members Dana Colley and Jerome Dupree teamed up with Jeremy Lyons to play Morphine’s songs and they happened to be playing 3 nights in a row in Austin when I was there! YES! If you know what I’m talking about you’ll surely get the excitement, if not, start your education with this incredibly ‘Buena’ song..

VOM Austin

VOM Austin 2
Vapors of Morphine @ The Continental Club – Austin, TX
  • La Barbecue food truck: Cheap, big, tasty, U-N-B-E-L-I-E-V-A-B-L-E!! See below..

La Barbecue

La Barbecue 1

La Barbecue 3

2015. May-June-July (109)

La Barbecue 5

Driving back to The Big Easy wasn’t a mission this time, our last night there was pretty chilled, thanks to an unbelievable dude from Seattle called Tim Brockman who let us Couchsurf at his beautiful “work” Victorian villa and on the way back to Europe we stopped for an entire afternoon in NYC.

Fatty, Baldy & the Ghostbusters

The big Apple is always a pretty cool place for an afternoon stop-over. After a stroll around Central Park and an “healthy” lunch at 5 Napkin Burger on the Upper West side with a couple of friends, we jumped on a bus that took us all the way down to the Hook & Ladder 8 fire station, better known as the Ghostbusters building.

Report all ghosts!

Now onto ‘Mud, mud, glorious mud’..

The reason why I mentioned it previously is because I’ve been to two British music festivals recently and mud showed up eventually but certainly wasn’t the main actor.

Isle of Wight was great: I played in the tiny Hey Joe stage with my band and, for the first time in my music experience, got a little taste of the “being-a-rock-star” cake. No groupies were harmed in the process and quite frankly the only real groupie was Will’s dad, who cooked us breakfast in the comfort of a warm country house not once but twice.

AoT @ IoW

Blur, Fleetwood Mac, Pharrell Williams (see below) and Jethro Tull upon my favourites. Gutted I missed Kool & the Gang, which apparently were unbelievable!

Glastonbury was even greater and in all fairness it’s probably the best party I’ve ever been! Where else in the world you’ll see Patty Smith joined on stage by the Dalai Lama and a group of thousands hangover/high/emotional fellows singing him Happy Birthday?!? Unfortunately I missed that but watching it on YouTube three days after the festival was over gave me the chills and made me cry a little bit (a lot more than a little bit actually). And don’t get me started about The Fat White Family followed by The Church in Hell-Shangri-La at 5am, or Lionel Richie bringing some California sun at the Pyramid stage, or the Rabbit Hole club at The Park, Jungle and Mark Ronson at The Other Stage etc. etc. etc. God! What a fiesta! If you’re curious click here for some official pics divided by day.

I’m exhausted now. I need some sleep. And I need to stop drinking for at least a year. But ACDC are playing in Wembley this weekend so I reckon all these plan for good and healthy behaviours have to wait.


B&G Abroad #2: Cork, Iceland and Roma

Buongiorno dear Bibs & Gigs fellows. I’ve been around quite a lot recently and I’m certainly not complaining about all this globetrotting business. It’s included a weekend of pure stupidity in Cork for St. Patrick’s, an unbelievable week driving around Iceland and a weekend to see friends in Roma. Unfortunately, due to heavy drinking scenarios, I’m not able to give you much details on what happened in Ireland.. I remember rivers of Beamish, a lot of cool and friendly people, the beautiful landscapes around Kinsale, the taco fries from Abrakebabra, the funky grooves from a local band called Liquid Emotion, dressing up as an Irish warrior and pushing a giant bull during the parade and that, even if I was sharing an hotel room with my lovely Irish-hairy friend Chris, I never woke up with a sore bum.

Me & Rufus out in the sticks in Kinsale
St Patrick's
11am drinking on St. Patrick’s day – Cork
broken Men
Hairy broken men..

Then it came Iceland and Oh My Dear Lord!! From the moment we landed in Keflavik in the middle of a cold and snowy night until the last day spent drinking beers and Reyka vodka around Reykjavik bars we just felt we had been projected onto a different planet! If you’ve been already you’ll surely get my point, if you still haven’t looking at the following pictures will give you an idea (more or less) of what I’m talking about…

Somewhere in Iceland #1
Somewhere in Iceland #1
Somewhere in Iceland #2
Somewhere in Iceland #2
Somewhere in Iceland #3
Hairy dudes
Travel buddies
Secret Lagoon
Secret Lagoon – Flúðir
Dyrhólaey beach
Dyrhólaey beach – Vik
Snæfellsnes peninsula

Everything was just incredible! And I must admit we were very lucky, especially with the killer whales spotting madness on the very first day of our road trip and the fact we saw the northern lights twice without having to join a guided tour and wait until stupid o’clock freezing in an overcrowded bus (no Aurora Borealis pictures unfortunately as my iPhone is getting old, grumpy and unable to perform). The rest was all about some feelings that are just impossible to write down and some names of towns and places that are simply impossible to remember. If you’re planning a holiday where the most important thing would be completing your to-do list in the shortest time possible then Iceland is not the place you’re looking for.. On the other hand, if you’re happy with severe weather conditions, polar temperatures, places that will make you feel you’ve just been catapulted (Angry Birds style) onto the moon and going with the flow rather than making too many plans, then GO! Highlights of the trip in pictures:

1. Unpaved roads
DC3 Plane Wreck
2. Broken things (click the picture for more info about this broken thing)
Iceland dudes
3. Bracers
Jökulsárlón - Iceland
4. Icy beaches
5. Water and rainbows

And what to say about La Bella Italia? Well it’s my country and every time I land there I can smell home! Mó te magno The good thing about travelling is that the more you see new places the more you’re able to appreciate your own one! I mean, I know Italy is corrupted and it’s sinking like a wrecked ship, but think about the history, the art, the food, the nature, the mountains, lakes, beaches and hills, the movies, the wines, the food again… We’re such a small boot-shaped country but everyone, either for the good or for the bad, knows us and even if we’re noisy and we move our hands a lot people tend to love us rather than hate us. foto 3 foto 4 I’m not from Roma but I’m still convinced it is one of the best cities in the world. I won’t be listing here all the places you’ll need to see because: A) You probably know them already, B) This is not the Lonely Planet website and C) There are too many. We went down there to see our friends Nadia and Tommaso and apart from walking like mountain goats we ate A LOT of unimaginable food…

Roma food
Panino Divino – Via dei Gracchi (Roma)
Roma food
Cacio e Pepe (Pastasciutta – Via delle Grazie)
Roma food
Pastasciutta – Via delle Grazie (Roma)
Alice pizza
Funghi & cheese – Alice pizza
food Roma
Alice Pizza – Via delle Grazie (Roma)

And even if I’m not religious AT ALL – that Jorge Mario Bergoglio.. What a cool Pope!   Next stop New Orleans and Austin ladies & gentlemen.. Stay tuned here and on the B&G Instagram account for more nonsense!

B&G Abroad #1: Philippines

It has been a while…

Welcome to the Bibs & Gigs Abroad section. If you know me personally or if you just read my blog, surely the point is crystal clear: I’m a passionate eater and a music lover! On top of that I also love to put my ass on airplanes directed to random places around the globe (who doesn’t?!).

stay puft 1

My lovely Mamma always told me: “Whatever you do in life make sure you’ll find the time to travel as much as you can”.. God she was right! Being abroad certainly stimulates a lot of incredible feelings. And with going abroad I’m not referring to the All-Inclusive holiday in Sharm El Sheik, with bacon and eggs for breakfast, zero life outside the resort and a pile of shitty pictures of paper cocktails umbrellas or selfies in the swimming pool with your drunk ‘orange skin’ tanned mates.

I’m talking about unbelievable adventures like couchsurfing in Argentina, trekking in Patagonia, having a laugh with the amazing Filipino kids, almost getting arrested in Bangkok, eating a simple but delicious Pho soup from a dirty food stand in the streets of Hanoi, getting naked on the Machu Picchu, paying 20 bucks for a bungee jump in Ecuador.. Making friends from all over the world, being homesick and once you’re back start immediately with arranging the next backpacking mission, because these days abroad were probably the best you’ve had in your entire life.

In 4 simple words: Bibs and Gigs Abroad! Well, more or less…

And what a great country to start with: Philippines!

El Nido
A fisherman and his ‘Bangka’ – El Nido

More than 7000 islands, great sandy beaches, really good food, smiley and friendly people, cheap and always cold San Miguel beers (the Spanish influence is still strong from the booze point of view), tarsiers, whale sharks, bangkas & jeepneys etc.. Philippines is the place to be if you are in a desperate need to unplug completely from the Western world.

El Nido view
Stunning El Nido

I reckon that a good part of its beauty comes from the fact that it’s still a destination off the beaten track, with very few party goers and Gringos.. Apart from Boracay, that we obviously skipped.

Rather than trying to be the new Lonely Planet website, and tell you where to go, what to do and how to do it, I’ll be making a short list of our destinations, with some basic info and some pictures.

Here we go..

Palawan Island: Super clean Puerto Princesa (if you get caught littering you’ll be in deep s**t!), with its classy restaurants and the well-known Underground River and Honda Bay, was the starting point of a really relaxing week.

Stay Puft
Travel Buddy #2
Underground River
What a legend! – Underground River

From there we moved up to an A-M-A-Z-I-N-G resort called Qi Palawan, situated between a pristine beach and a virgin forest, in an undiscovered and unexploited part of North-eastern Palawan.

Qi 1
Room brekky at Qi Palawan
Qi 2
Peace – Qi Palawan

It was a bit sad leaving Qi but luckily the stunning sunsets of El Nido (our next destination) that followed were the perfect cure for the nostalgic blues, and a strong signal that there’s surely a lot more to come to our trip.

El Nido 1
Islands hopping in El Nido
El Nido 2
The pirate – El Nido
El Nido 3
The quiet after the storm – El Nido
El Nido 4
Chilling at sunset – El Nido
El Nido 5
A fisherman and his ‘Bangka’ (Part II) – El Nido

Cebu Island rhymes with Lechon, whale sharks, bumpy bus journeys, Malapascua and Bantayan, good weather, good beaches, good times. Despite being the second most populous Metropolitan area in the Philippines after Metro Manila, Cebu City got a complete different vibe from the messy capital. Walking around is safer, most of the buildings don’t look like they may fall over your head at any point, people are friendlier and you won’t feel like you’ve just eaten a piece of cat after buying some food from a street vendor.

Oslob, a little village 2 hours south of Cebu, is the place to go if you feel brave enough to swim with giant whale sharks. Even if these dudes are completely harmless to humans I can honestly tell you that I was pretty fucking scared at the beginning, especially when one of them swam under our little bangka; once in the water though the fright disappeared completely and the all experience turned in one of the best I’ve ever had in my life!

Lucy & Me
Travel Buddy #1
Big fella
Whale sharks watching – Oslob (Cebu)
Whale shars - Oslob (Cebu)
These guys are so damn huge!

Malapascua and its super kind inhabitants (I need to mention Mike from Mike&Diose, who made our stay there incredible, even if the weather was a bit rubbish) and Bantayan, with its crystal water and the super talented basketball playing kids were our last stops in Cebu Island.

Another great sunset – Malapascua
Neither the rain can stop the 24h Karaoke! (Malapascua)
Mike from Mike&Diose – Such a cool dude! (Malapascua)
Virgin Island
Virgin Island – Bantayan (Cebu)
Kota Beach
Life’s a beach – Bantayan Island
Bantayan Island
Selfie in the sun – Bantayan Island
Kids in Bantayan
Santa Fe – Bantayan Island

Bohol and Panglao were in my opinion the best part of the all trip. I absolutely loved the Chocolate Hills, even if we got lost and stuck in the mud with the scooter on the way there, seeing the tarsiers was pretty cool, and chilling by the lovely Alona beach was not as boring as I expected it to be. I eventually got a little tanned even if I spent most of the time sleeping on a hammock in the shade.

Tarsier Sanctuary – Bohol
Bohol panorama
Bohol scooter adventures: Mud, sweat and a lot of swearing
Chocolate Hills
Staying Puft over the Chocolate Hills (Bohol)
Muddy roads in Bohol
Panglao Sunset

Manila was the last stop before flying back to London and apart from the Walled City (aka Intramuros), the Mall Of Asia and some good Chinese restaurants (Dong Bei in particular – See pictures below) there’s not a great deal to explore over there, especially when there are much better places.

If you are planning to go to the Philippines and you need some advice, the first one I’m giving you is: Do not hesitate! Just book your ticket and GO! If you need more help please feel free to ask and I’ll be happy to help.


 Filipino Bibs: Prior to this trip when I read that the Filipino word for “Hello” is “Have you eaten?” I almost came in my pants! These guys knows a lot of stuff in terms of food.

There’s a huge variety of fish and it’s always fresh, Lechon (roasted sucking pig) is taken seriously over  in Cebu, their Sinigang soups/stews are sensational, Pancit Noodles are always coming in huge portions and proper Italian pizzas and Chinese dumplings can be easily found, especially in the big cities but even off the beaten track.

Which one of the following would you eat right now? If you’re thinking about the 7/11 toasty then you’re definitely reading the wrong blog.

Lobster at Kalui – Puerto Princesa
Grilled tuna belly – Gerry’s (Cebu City)
Gerry's 2
Grilled squid – Gerry’s (Cebu City)
Gerry's 3
Pork Sinigang – Gerry’s (Cebu City)
Gerry's 4
Baked scallops – Gerry’s (Cebu City)
Pork and Chicken Lechon – Bantayan Island
Pork lechon
Pork Lechon – Bantayan Island
7/11 dirty toasties
Haim Chicken Inato
Pancit Noodles @ Haim Chicken Inato (Puerto Princesa)
Haim Chicken Inato 1
Grilled chicken @ Haim Chicken Inato (Puerto Princesa)
Boobs & Seafood
Seafood, pork and Bikini Stuffers.. (Hidden Dream – Alona Beach)

Dong Bei 2

Dong Bei 1
Where it all begins at Dong Bei Dumplings (Manila)
Dong Bei 3
Xiao Long Bao – Dong Bei
Dong Bei 4
Pork dumplings. Sooo good! – Dong Bei
Dong Bei Noodles
Handmade Noodles soup with beef – Dong Bei
Pancake at DB
Fried stuffing pancake – Dong Bei