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B&G Abroad #2: Cork, Iceland and Roma

Buongiorno dear Bibs & Gigs fellows. I’ve been around quite a lot recently and I’m certainly not complaining about all this globetrotting business. It’s included a weekend of pure stupidity in Cork for St. Patrick’s, an unbelievable week driving around Iceland and a weekend to see friends in Roma. Unfortunately, due to heavy drinking scenarios, I’m not able to give you much details on what happened in Ireland.. I remember rivers of Beamish, a lot of cool and friendly people, the beautiful landscapes around Kinsale, the taco fries from Abrakebabra, the funky grooves from a local band called Liquid Emotion, dressing up as an Irish warrior and pushing a giant bull during the parade and that, even if I was sharing an hotel room with my lovely Irish-hairy friend Chris, I never woke up with a sore bum.

Me & Rufus out in the sticks in Kinsale
St Patrick's
11am drinking on St. Patrick’s day – Cork
broken Men
Hairy broken men..

Then it came Iceland and Oh My Dear Lord!! From the moment we landed in Keflavik in the middle of a cold and snowy night until the last day spent drinking beers and Reyka vodka around Reykjavik bars we just felt we had been projected onto a different planet! If you’ve been already you’ll surely get my point, if you still haven’t looking at the following pictures will give you an idea (more or less) of what I’m talking about…

Somewhere in Iceland #1
Somewhere in Iceland #1
Somewhere in Iceland #2
Somewhere in Iceland #2
Somewhere in Iceland #3
Hairy dudes
Travel buddies
Secret Lagoon
Secret Lagoon – Flúðir
Dyrhólaey beach
Dyrhólaey beach – Vik
Snæfellsnes peninsula

Everything was just incredible! And I must admit we were very lucky, especially with the killer whales spotting madness on the very first day of our road trip and the fact we saw the northern lights twice without having to join a guided tour and wait until stupid o’clock freezing in an overcrowded bus (no Aurora Borealis pictures unfortunately as my iPhone is getting old, grumpy and unable to perform). The rest was all about some feelings that are just impossible to write down and some names of towns and places that are simply impossible to remember. If you’re planning a holiday where the most important thing would be completing your to-do list in the shortest time possible then Iceland is not the place you’re looking for.. On the other hand, if you’re happy with severe weather conditions, polar temperatures, places that will make you feel you’ve just been catapulted (Angry Birds style) onto the moon and going with the flow rather than making too many plans, then GO! Highlights of the trip in pictures:

1. Unpaved roads
DC3 Plane Wreck
2. Broken things (click the picture for more info about this broken thing)
Iceland dudes
3. Bracers
Jökulsárlón - Iceland
4. Icy beaches
5. Water and rainbows

And what to say about La Bella Italia? Well it’s my country and every time I land there I can smell home! Mó te magno The good thing about travelling is that the more you see new places the more you’re able to appreciate your own one! I mean, I know Italy is corrupted and it’s sinking like a wrecked ship, but think about the history, the art, the food, the nature, the mountains, lakes, beaches and hills, the movies, the wines, the food again… We’re such a small boot-shaped country but everyone, either for the good or for the bad, knows us and even if we’re noisy and we move our hands a lot people tend to love us rather than hate us. foto 3 foto 4 I’m not from Roma but I’m still convinced it is one of the best cities in the world. I won’t be listing here all the places you’ll need to see because: A) You probably know them already, B) This is not the Lonely Planet website and C) There are too many. We went down there to see our friends Nadia and Tommaso and apart from walking like mountain goats we ate A LOT of unimaginable food…

Roma food
Panino Divino – Via dei Gracchi (Roma)
Roma food
Cacio e Pepe (Pastasciutta – Via delle Grazie)
Roma food
Pastasciutta – Via delle Grazie (Roma)
Alice pizza
Funghi & cheese – Alice pizza
food Roma
Alice Pizza – Via delle Grazie (Roma)

And even if I’m not religious AT ALL – that Jorge Mario Bergoglio.. What a cool Pope!   Next stop New Orleans and Austin ladies & gentlemen.. Stay tuned here and on the B&G Instagram account for more nonsense!