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Cluck Off!

These Mothercluckers are the kings of fried chicken in London! And I’m not saying that just because today I won a free meal through their Friday Instagram competition, but because every time I go visit them I always get quality food at a reasonable price. And the portions are huge, which is always a bonus for a chubby Italiano like me.

Mother Clucker 4
Let’s get clucked up!
Mother Clucker bonanza
Strips + Mac&Cheese
MC 2
Strips + Cajun Fries
Strips, Mac&Cheese, Cajun Fries, homemade spicy sauce.. YES!!

As well as producing amazing Mac&Cheese, with the magical addition of jalapenos and courgettes, they’re also a great bunch of people. You’re always welcomed with a warm smile, and, although there are sometimes queues at lunch time, it’s never more than 20-30 minutes from the moment you join, to the glorious moment you get the food in your hands. Definitely worth it!!

MC tips
You better leave a clucking tip!
Mother Clucker prices
Pretty cheap, innit?

BuzzFeed recently added them to “21 London Street Foods you need to eat this lifetime” list, ranking them in third position. Well done cluckfaces!

Mother Clucker 2
Get in touch with the MC crew!

Gigs&Tips: Next weekend I’m going to see Fat Freddy’s Drop at Ally Pally. Three good reasons to go:

  1. They are an unbelievable band
  2. Mr Scruff is opening the night with his extraordinary DJ set
  3. Gigs at Alexandra Palace are always fun

Enjoy your weekend cluckwits..

Miracle on Bleecker Street..

A couple of weeks ago I finally found the “miraculous” Bleecker St. Burger van at the KERB street food market just under the Gherkin building in the City.

I remember getting a Double Cheeseburger and a portion of Angry Fries and I also remember they got demolished in less than 3 minutes!

Bleecker St.

I promised to myself that I wouldn’t do any reviews about burger places, as everyone seems to be doing them nowadays, but the Bleecker experience was probably the best lunch break I’ve had since I started working in the City (AKA The Land of Corporate Robots).

The menu is straightforward and simple (a bonus for an indecisive dude like me) and the Combo deal was literally an “offer that I couldn’t refuse” (good old “funny-chin” Marlon Brando): £10.50 for a Double Cheeseburger and a portion of Angry fries.


The juicy patties were perfectly cooked (maybe I’d have left the meat 10 more seconds on the grill) and the Angry fries, even if they were not at the level of anger that I’m normally used to, were super tasty, with a pretty decent chili sauce mixed with melt cheese and mayonnaise.

I won’t tell you that these guys are better than others or worse or whatever. What I’m suggesting here is that you should do yourself a favour and go out and find this black van of magic! You won’t be disappointed!

For the right coordinates: http://bleeckerburger.co.uk/

Gigs&(way-too-many)Drinks: I went to see The Bronx at Oslo this past Tuesday.

Don’t remember much of it as I was completely hammered but if you’ve never heard of them you definitely should!

Monty’s Deli? The “Proper Tits” of Jewish Delis!


I heard good stuff about this place even before they opened! Well, that’s probably not quite true, but if you like salt beef and pastrami you will love Monty’s.


Typically, if you decided to start a blog, you have to remember to take pictures of the food before you start to eat it… however, when the waiter put in front of my face the Reuben Special (a RIDICULOUS pastrami and salt beef sandwich on toasted rye with Swiss cheese, Russian dressing, sauerkraut plus pickle and coleslaw on the side) I just couldn’t do it.


Thankfully my mate (and fellow blogger) arrived a bit late so, on top of the 25 minutes he had to wait for his sandwich, he had to wait 3 more for me to take pictures (I know that 3 minutes are normally gone in the blink of an eye, but tell that to a hungry+angry man – he obviously wasn’t in the best mood about it).

My girlfriend opted for another pretty big sandwich with an “impossible-to-pronounce” name, the ‘Meshuggener’: salt beef, pastrami, liver, non-toasted rye bread and no cheese. This was also really good and packed full of meat, but I love my cheese so I reckon the winner for me is definitely the ‘Reuben Special’.

Monty's Deli

The location of Monty’s is perfect –  it’s right in the middle of the superb Maltby Street Ropewalk Market (a 10 minute walk from London Bridge station) and its incredible food stands (the pulled pork burgers looked unreal! I’ll be returning to try one or two of those bad boys).


The staff were super friendly, the service was really good as was the value for money (less than a tenner each for a proper “Jewish feast” on rye + soft drinks).

Monty's staff

As my good friend Cozza would say: “Mate, this place is the Proper Tits!!” … And I really can’t find better words to describe it!


Gigs&Tips: Monty’s deli and the Ropewalk market could be the right meeting point if you’re going on later to a gig at the O2 arena on a Saturday night: Couple of sandwiches, easy going atmosphere, a couple of little places where to get cheap drinks and, when you’re good to go, you can either walk to Bermondsey station and get the Jubilee line or, if you’re too pissed, share a cab.

I’ll leave you with some lunchtime funky grooves..